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We’re excited to welcome the newest EMF defense product:

The EMF Defense Bracelet!

You spoke, we listened.

Some people just don’t love wearing necklaces.

That doesn’t mean they want to be freely exposed to constant EMF radiation, though…

Our best selling Defense Pendant...can now be on your wrist! 

EMF Radiation is Dangerous to Your Health

Nobody wants to hear that the electromagnetic radiation we’re exposed to at high doses today can make you sick. After all, we depend on electronics, WiFi, and cellphones and you simply can’t get along without them.

In fact, even if you don’t own a cellphone and never use WiFi, you’re exposed to radiation all day long because of powerlines, cell phone towers, and 5G. Even satellites overhead generate EMFs that you simply can’t get away from.

Study after study has shown that EMFs are harmful to your health.

In fact, a recent review at the School of Public Health at UC Berkeley found that spending just 17 minutes per day on your phone over the course of 10 years is associated with a 60% increase in brain cancer!

EMF radiation causes DNA damage, disrupts hormones, creates stress proteins, negatively affects fertility, and the CDC concluded there is a high probability that EMFs cause 2 kinds of brain tumors

If EMF radiation is dangerous, why haven’t we heard about it? Well, the answer to that will probably make you mad…

 It turns out, powerful lobbyists from the telecommunications industry spend 132 MILLION dollars every year lobbying to get politicians to ignore cell phone safety.

 They also spend $18 million directly contributing to members of congress at the federal level…

Basically, they’ve become the Big Tobacco of this generation…

They've got the politicians in their pockets, and they’ve managed to get the US to stop funding research on the dangers of EMFs.

That’s right… the government stopped funding research in the 1990s.

You can’t “unplug” from exposure to EMFs.

But you can protect yourself!

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Why Does EMF Radiation Harm Us?

Here’s the thing… our bodies run on electricity. You probably don’t think of it that way, but it’s true… Electrical signals between your neurons carry messages to your brain.

Your heart, muscles, and organs all run on electricity, too. Your body’s electricity comes from chemicals like sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium… which all have an electrical charge.

You can see the ionic charge on a periodic table of the elements:

In addition, electricity vibrates at different frequencies… and that’s true of your body as well as your cell phone, laptop, and fridge.

You’re literally sending out electrical “vibes” from every organ, every cell of your body.

So what happens when there are conflicting charges and vibrations all around us, 24/7?

EMF radiation causes damage at a cellular level. It creates oxidative stress, which is what ages your body’s DNA. It disrupts your hormones, including cortisol (stress hormone), melatonin (sleep hormone), testosterone, and estrogen.

 It also messes with the electrical activity in your brain, which causes brain fog, exhaustion, and mood problems.

 When you understand how the body works, it’s no wonder we’re suffering from so many chronic diseases!

Studies have proven that these hidden dangers affect your health in many ways…

Cellphones, powerlines, WIFI, and 5G satellites are a fact of life today. We live with more EMFs in our environment than ever before… And they are taking their toll. 

Here are just a few of the known symptoms of EMF exposure:

Protect Yourself With the EMF Defense Bracelet

Wear your bracelet and neutralize EMF radiation wherever you go!

It won’t interfere with your electronic devices, and if you already have a Defense Pendant the new bracelet is a perfect complement… While allowing you to double-up on protection!

 Choose your bracelet and get free shipping from our US location, even if you live internationally.

Choose black or white

Your EMF Defense bracelet comes in a beautiful gift box and is fully adjustable to fit your wrist. 

Beautiful design that goes with everything...

Wear your bracelet and protect yourself wherever you go! It's waterproof, made of stainless steel that won't rust, discolor or irritate your skin, and the simple design goes from the gym to date night without skipping a beat.

EMF Defense Bracelet
EMF Defense Bracelet
EMF Defense Bracelet
EMF Defense Bracelet
EMF Defense Bracelet
EMF Defense Bracelet
EMF Defense Bracelet
EMF Defense Bracelet
EMF Defense Bracelet
EMF Defense Bracelet
EMF Defense Bracelet
EMF Defense Bracelet
EMF Defense Bracelet
EMF Defense Bracelet
EMF Defense Bracelet
EMF Defense Bracelet
EMF Defense Bracelet
EMF Defense Bracelet

EMF Defense Bracelet

Support your health from the effects of EMF radiation with this fashionable and robust EMF protection bracelet.
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