EMF Defense Shields for Headphones & Ear Buds

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EMF Radiation from Bluetooth Headphones

Bluetooth headphones and earbuds not only emit electromagnetic radiation, they do so directly to your head.

You can see the effect of EMFs from these devices on your brain in the image below:

On the left, you see someone using Bluetooth earbuds with no protection.

On the right, the devices are protected with EMF Defence stickers.

Why be concerned? Studies show that the use of Bluetooth earbuds and headphones can cause your brain’s neurons to leak calcium.

This causes hyperactivity and trouble focusing (think ADHD) and can cause long-term damage that can lead to diseases like Alzheimer’s since it opens junction barriers in your body and allows toxins and proteins into your brain that would normally be blocked… causing the death of neurons.

Exposure to EMF (electromagnetic field) radiation is a growing problem. Today, we are exposed to an estimated 100 million times more EMF radiation than our grandparents were…

And it’s taking a toll.


Even more concerning, EMFs cause hormone disruption. That’s what leads to sleep disturbances, headaches, weight gain, and anxiety.

These hormone disruptions don’t stop there, though… infertility may be linked to EMF exposure.

Studies have also shown that EMFs may cause certain cancers, particularly leukemias and brain tumors.

And the closer the device to your body, the more radiation you are absorbing and the more serious the problem becomes!

EMF Defense Stickers Minimize Your Risk

The EMF Defense Sticker deflects and neutralizes electromagnetic radiation. 

Simply apply the EMF Defense Sticker to your earbuds and then use them as usual… they’re small, unobtrusive, and won’t damage your device.

It’s an easy, inexpensive solution to a common problem… 

Try them today and, if you don’t love them you can return them within 90 days, no questions asked!