WARNING: Is Your Cellphone Making You Sick?

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In today’s world, we are exposed to over 100 million times more EMF radiation than our grandparents were!

EMFs from phones, Wi-Fi, microwave ovens, power lines, and more are impossible to avoid.

Studies show that EMF's have a profound effect on our bodies…

 In fact, a recent review at the School of Public Health at UC Berkeley found that spending just 17 minutes per day on your phone over the course of 10 years is associated with a 60% increase in brain cancer!

EMF radiation causes DNA damage, disrupts hormones, creates stress proteins, negatively affects fertility, and the CDC concluded there is a high probability that EMFs cause 2 kinds of brain tumors. You can’t “unplug” from exposure to EMFs.

Keep reading to find out how you CAN protect yourself!

Why Does EMF Radiation Harm Us?

Here’s the thing… our bodies run on electricity. You probably don’t think of it that way, but it’s true…

Electrical signals between your neurons carry messages to your brain. Your heart, muscles, and organs all run on electricity, too.

Your body’s electricity comes from chemicals like sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium… which all have an electrical charge.

In addition, electricity vibrates at different frequencies… and that’s true of your body as well as your cell phone, laptop, and fridge. You’re literally sending out electrical “vibes” from every organ, every cell of your body.

So what happens when there are conflicting charges and vibrations all around us, 24/7?

EMF radiation causes damage at a cellular level. It creates oxidative stress, which is what ages your body’s DNA.

It disrupts your hormones, including cortisol (stress hormone), melatonin (sleep hormone), testosterone, and estrogen. It also messes with the electrical activity in your brain, which causes brain fog, exhaustion, and mood problems.

When you understand how the body works, it’s no wonder we’re suffering from so many chronic diseases!

What Are The symptoms Of EMF exposure? 

Studies have proven that these hidden dangers affect your health in many ways…


Depression and depressive symptoms

Tiredness and fatigue

Dysesthesia (a painful, often itchy sensation)

Lack of concentration

Changes in memory

Weight gain



Restlessness and anxiety


Skin burning and tingling

Cellphones, powerlines, WIFI, and 5G satellites are a fact of life today. We live with more EMFs in our environment than ever before… And they are taking their toll.

Limit your exposure to harmful EMFs with the
Defense Pendant!

The Defense Pendant is a small piece of advanced technology designed to harmonize energy waves around your body.

Its middle layer contains 10,000 negative ions, 36 minerals, and a layer of black tourmaline all sandwiched between stainless steel plates.

The Defense Pendant is the #1 defense against the electromagnetic radiation we're exposed to daily. 

This allows you to enjoy the benefits of modern technology while being protected from the negative health effects that come with our modern lifestyle.

People who wear the pendant report near-instant relief from symptoms and an increase in health, immunity, and mental well-being.

Six colors to choose from...

Each pendant comes in a gift box with a stainless steel chain in matching color, a certificate of authenticity and its own ID number. You can choose from Rose Gold, Silver, or Gold-Tone, Colorful, Midnight Blue or Black.

Quality You Can Feel.

When you hold your Defense Pendant, you’ll immediately feel the solid weight of its specially designed center.

Between the sleek front and back layers, a disk of black tourmaline along with 36 other minerals is hidden. This is the “magic” that generates 10,000 negative ions to balance your personal electric field.

The minerals in the pendant work permanently, so you’ll be protected for years to come.

What Our Customers Are Saying


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"I feel better!"

“I always knew I was sensitive to EMF's. I thought it was probably due to surgical scars and possibly other injuries. Since I started wearing the pendant and used the strips I've slept better and my mind is more balanced and stronger. I am very grateful for this because I'm the one looking after myself. I was in alternative healthcare for many years and I am happy that if I feel better I can add to other's people health also. Thank you very much for your product!!


  • Verified Purchase

"These are so helpful!"

“Love knowing I can walk around with EMF protection! We have stickers on our phones and a home device but when out and about these are so helpful!


  • Verified Purchase

It's beautiful!

“Love this necklace and the protection it gives me. Thank you! It's beautiful!!

Defense Pendant v 3.1
Defense Pendant v 3.1
Defense Pendant v 3.1
Defense Pendant v 3.1
Defense Pendant v 3.1
Defense Pendant v 3.1
Defense Pendant v 3.1
Defense Pendant v 3.1
Defense Pendant v 3.1
Defense Pendant v 3.1
Defense Pendant v 3.1
Defense Pendant v 3.1
Defense Pendant v 3.1
Defense Pendant v 3.1
Defense Pendant v 3.1
Defense Pendant v 3.1
Defense Pendant v 3.1
Defense Pendant v 3.1

"Since I started wearing the pendant,  I've slept better and my headaches are gone!" - Rachel


Support your health from the effects of EMF radiation with this fashionable and robust EMF protection pendant. 

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