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EMF Pendant Necklace Protects You From the Everyday EMF Radiation That is a Danger To Your Health

Studies have proven that these hidden dangers affect your health in many ways…

Cellphones, powerlines, WIFI, and 5G satellites are a fact of life today. We live with more EMFs in our environment than ever before…

And they are taking their toll.

Here are just a few of the known symptoms of EMF exposure:

A Life Story...

A hidden danger in my home almost ended my marriage, my dreams of a family...and my life.

The sunny afternoon in April when the realtor placed the keys to our first house in my husband’s hand was the day our dreams came true…

It was also the day my nightmare began.

Three months after moving in, my health started to fail. I was exhausted, had constant headaches, was dizzy, and couldn’t sleep.

I felt anxious all the time, forgetful, moody, and my hormones were out of whack… in fact, we were trying for a baby but it just wasn’t happening.

Before long, I was so sick, depressed, and exhausted that I couldn’t get out of bed. I felt like a burden on everyone around me, and couldn’t face another day.

I’m ashamed to admit it, but I took every pain pill I had and curled up on the floor waiting for it to be over…

Thank God my mom found me before it was too late.

I moved in with my mom so she could nurse me back to health, and a strange thing happened...

I started feeling better. The fog in my head started to clear, and the headaches went away. My joints stopped hurting and my energy came back. I felt like myself again.

That’s when I knew… something in our “dream home” was making me sick. But what?

We hired a home inspector to investigate, and he found high EMF readings in our kitchen.

It turns out that the wires in the kitchen were not properly grounded, and the appliances were putting off electromagnetic fields that had been causing my illness.

After a year and a half of suffering and almost losing my life to depression, a 45-minute visit from an electrician brought the EMFs down to a reasonable level.

But the saga was still not over...

I was still having bad days, struggling with anxiety, and our dreams of starting a family had still not come true.

After a lot of research, my husband bought a Defense Pendant for each of us.

I couldn’t believe it, but within an hour of putting on the pendant, I felt better. Relaxed. Awake.

And guess what?

After we are finally expecting a baby!

Today I’m healthier, happier, and more at peace than ever before. The Defense Pendant has given me back my life and I’ll never be without it again.


Laney Stewart

Why Does EMF Radiation Harm Us?

Here’s the thing… our bodies run on electricity. You probably don’t think of it that way, but it’s true…

Electrical signals between your neurons carry messages to your brain. Your heart, muscles, and organs all run on electricity, too.

Your body’s electricity comes from chemicals like sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium… which all have an electrical charge.

You can see the ionic charge on a periodic table of the elements:

In addition, electricity vibrates at different frequencies… and that’s true of your body as well as your cell phone, laptop, and fridge.

You’re literally sending out electrical “vibes” from every organ, every cell of your body.

So what happens when there are conflicting charges and vibrations all around us, 24/7?

EMF radiation causes damage at a cellular level. It creates oxidative stress, which is what ages your body’s DNA.

It disrupts your hormones, including cortisol (stress hormone), melatonin (sleep hormone), testosterone, and estrogen.

It also messes with the electrical activity in your brain, which causes brain fog, exhaustion, and mood problems.

When you understand how the body works, it’s no wonder we’re suffering from so many chronic diseases!

EMF Protection With Defense Pendant

Now there is a simple and stylish way to protect your health and well-being as you are exposed to the pervasive electromagnetic radiation in today’s environment. While driving, shopping, or traveling, in your home, office, or school, you will meet with EMF’s emitted by many sources – from cell phone towers to WiFi routers to smart meters to your own cell phone.

The EMF Defense Pendant Necklace will support your body against the negative effects of these EMF’s wherever you go, 24 hours a day.

Limit your exposure with the Defense Pendant!

The Defense Pendant is a small piece of advanced technology designed to harmonize energy waves around your body.

Its middle layer contains 10,000 negative ions, 36 minerals, and a layer of black tourmaline all sandwiched between stainless steel plates.

People who wear the pendant report near-instant relief from symptoms and an increase in health, immunity, and mental wellbeing.

***Individual results may vary

Protect Your Family with the Defense Pendant

This is such a simple and inexpensive way to protect your family from the damaging effects of EMFs.

Quality You Can Feel.

When you hold your Defense Pendant, you’ll immediately feel the solid weight of its specially designed center.

Between the sleek front and back layers, a disk of black tourmaline along with 36 other minerals is hidden.

This is the “magic” that generates 10,000 negative ions to balance your personal electric field.

The minerals in the pendant work permanently, so you’ll be protected for years to come.

We’re offering an even deeper discount when you buy three or more Defense Pendants!


  • 1x Pendant
  • 1x Chain
  • 1x Presentation Box
  • Certificate of Authenticity
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I bought this necklace about a month ago and have been wearing it ever since, even while sleeping. It's comfortable and has held up nicely. I like the way it looks and it has a nice weight to it. Highly recommend!

- Vicky A.
Verified Customer

Very nice quality, I must say. I’ve been wearing this for a while now and it is very comfortable, I don’t even notice I have it on. The last few nights I’ve even slept in it and it hasn’t bothered me at all. This was recommended to me by my Chiropractor, and she has researched and tried a lot of EMF protection products, so I trust her. I’m very glad to have this!

- Nancy S.
Verified Customer


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Here's the deal:

When you receive our product, we have a simple promise: fall in love with it within 90 days or you can get your money back.

There's absolutely no-risk in giving our products a try.

The countdown for the refund policy will begin on the day you receive your product and expires 90 days later.

*Minus shipping & handling, when applicable.

See what people are saying about the DEFENSE PENDANT

I am still getting used to my pendant. I initially had a problem with the clasp, but the vendor was immediately on it for me. Great service. My health provider is slowly noticing a difference, as am I, in my health. Wearing the pendant is the only thing I've changed. Time will tell more, but I'm happy that it's so stylish while it protects.

- Daisie Bee
Verified Customer

I really like the necklace I purchased and I wear it daily. I also ordered one for my sister and she said the chain is not as thick and sturdy as the one I received. She really loves it though so she just slipped it on a chain she liked better. It's a great purchase and I feel the difference when I wear it.

- Jenn K.
Verified Customer

Review I have struggle with my health and Energy for years. I felt inspired to try the Defense Pendant. The second I put the pendant on I felt a huge shift in my energy! I feel more energetic, I can think clearly and my body can actually utilize water and stay hydrated! I love these products. They work! I highly recommend them.Goes Here

- Gabbie J.
Verified Customer

I have had various typed of emf protectors throughout the years. I like this one the most. It slips over your head and you have protection always as opposed to the protectors for individual items. Like so many things that are good for us, you dont feel anything, but trust that its doing its job.

- Nicki A.
Verified Customer

Frequently Asked Questions

For in-depth information on electromagnetic fields, including research, guidelines, and policy, you can visit https://www.emfs.info

Yes, there many products that help reduce EMF exposure. Visit www.YourEMFShield.com to learn more.

We did a lot of research and the Defense Pendant’s mineral layers can’t be beat. The scientific rational behind this technology is solid.

Due to their small size and rapidly developing neurological system, children are particularly sensitive to EMFs. For this reason, France recently banned Wifi in nursery schools, and limited it in elementary schools. To learn more about EMFs and children, go here: https://pediatrics.aappublications.org/content/116/2/e303

There has been a lot of conflict over the safety of 5G radiation. 5G doesn’t operate on one frequency but uses Low, Medium, and High band frequencies. The effects of 5G on our bodies and the environment are unknown, and many countries have banned its use. For example, in 2020 Switzerland’s called a halt to 5G development until there’s proof that it’s harmless.


✈  50% OFF + Free WORLDWIDE Shipping 
✔  100% Money-Back Guarantee