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Bluetooth earbuds are convenient… but are they safe?

My teenage daughter got a pair of Bluetooth earbuds for Christmas. She’d wanted them for months, and we were hesitant… after all, she already spent a lot of time on her phone and we were concerned that the earbuds might make that an even bigger problem.
But after a lot of discussion and a promise not to use them more than a few hours a day, we went ahead and put them under the tree. After all, we saw so many people using them, how bad could they be? She was thrilled, of course. But about three weeks later, she started complaining about headaches… around 4:00 every day, she’d get a pounding headache that started at her temples and moved towards the back of her head.
At first, I chalked it up to too many sweets and late nights during Christmas vacation. But when she went back to school, the headaches continued… In fact, they got even worse. By February, she was complaining that the headaches now included nausea as well as tingling and numbness in her jaw and face… her doctor suggested that it could be TMJ, but a specialist ruled that out. Migraine was the next diagnosis they considered, but she didn’t respond to any of the usual medications…
It wasn’t until the Spring that we finally connected the dots… She got grounded and had to give up her electronics for 2 weeks. By the third day, her headaches were gone… And they stayed gone for the whole time she was grounded! The instant she got her phone back, the Bluetooth earbuds went back in and the headaches returned. This set us on a path to figure out why the earbuds were a problem. And what we learned was disturbing… It’s a common problem to get headaches from Bluetooth devices, especially those that are used close to your head!
We talked it over with our daughter and were going to make her go back to wired earbuds, but she said she wanted to do some research to see if she could still use them. We allowed her the opportunity to find a solution, as long as it really would reduce the amount of radiation she was being exposed to… And she found these stickers from Your EMF Shield. They’re small… indiscreet, and they reduce EMF radiation by up to 99.99%!
She ordered the stickers and they came within a day or two. They were easy to apply, and since she got them? NO MORE HEADACHES! It’s a solution that all of us can get behind. And they work so well, we also bought EMF deflecting stickers for all of our phones… such a simple way to reduce your exposure to EMF radiation while still enjoying the benefits of your electronics.
In retrospect, as difficult as those months of headaches were… I’m really glad that our daughter did have symptoms that raised red flags. Otherwise, she would have still been exposed to the same amount of radiation… …but we wouldn’t have known about it, and would never have known that we should be protecting ourselves against EMFs (or, how easy it is to reduce your exposure with a simple sticker!) I highly recommend taking precautions against EMF exposure. It’s not hard to do, and your long-term health is at stake… because besides headaches, EMF radiation can cause cancer, obesity, hormone imbalances, sleep disturbances, and a lot more. Don’t wait until someone has symptoms to protect yourself, like we did… shield your family from EMF radiation today!

EMF Radiation from Bluetooth Headphones

Bluetooth headphones and earbuds not only emit electromagnetic radiation, they do so directly to your head. You can see the effect of EMFs from these devices on your brain in the image below:
On the left, you see someone using Bluetooth earbuds with no protection. On the right, the devices are protected with EMF Defence stickers. Why be concerned? Studies show that the use of Bluetooth earbuds and headphones can cause your brain’s neurons to leak calcium.
This causes hyperactivity and trouble focusing (think ADHD) and can cause long-term damage that can lead to diseases like Alzheimer’s since it opens junction barriers in your body and allows toxins and proteins into your brain that would normally be blocked… causing the death of neurons. Exposure to EMF (electromagnetic field) radiation is a growing problem. Today, we are exposed to an estimated 100 million times more EMF radiation than our grandparents were… And it’s taking a toll.

EMFs can cause the following symptoms:

Even more concerning, EMFs cause hormone disruption. That’s what leads to sleep disturbances, headaches, weight gain, and anxiety. These hormone disruptions don’t stop there, though…

Infertility may be linked to EMF exposure.

Studies have also shown that EMFs may cause certain cancers, particularly leukemias and brain tumors. And the closer the device to your body, the more radiation you are absorbing and the more serious the problem becomes!

EMF Defense Stickers Minimize Your Risk

The EMF Defense Sticker deflects and neutralizes electromagnetic radiation. Simply apply the EMF Defense Sticker to your earbuds and then use them as usual… they’re small, unobtrusive, and won’t damage your device.
It’s an easy, inexpensive solution to a common problem… Try them today and, if you don’t love them you can return them within 90 days, no questions asked!
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EMF Defense Sticker for Headphones & Ear Buds
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EMF Defense Sticker for Headphones & Ear Buds
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EMF Defense Sticker for Headphones & Ear Buds
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EMF Defense Sticker for Headphones & Ear Buds
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EMF Defense Sticker for Headphones & Ear Buds
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EMF Defense Sticker for Headphones & Ear Buds
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EMF Defense Sticker for Headphones & Ear Buds
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EMF Defense Sticker for Headphones & Ear Buds
EMF Defense Sticker for Headphones & Ear Buds
EMF Defense Sticker for Headphones & Ear Buds
EMF Defense Sticker for Headphones & Ear Buds
EMF Defense Sticker for Headphones & Ear Buds
EMF Defense Sticker for Headphones & Ear Buds
EMF Defense Sticker for Headphones & Ear Buds
EMF Defense Sticker for Headphones & Ear Buds
EMF Defense Sticker for Headphones & Ear Buds

EMF Defense Sticker for Headphones & Ear Buds

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